Can Pebble Tech be "buffed"?

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Can Pebble Tech be "buffed"?

Postby snashers » Mon 22 Apr, 2013 13:34


I have a Pebble Tech pool that was installed in 1998. We are not the original owners, so I have no idea if the proper 'start up maintenance' was correctly handled.

Anyway, the surface is very rough on our feet and often results in cuts on our toes. I love the look of the pool and structurally there is nothing wrong. I spoke with the two authorized Pebble Tech vendors in our area to see what could be done about the roughness. One vendor told me it could be buffed, and the other told me that it would need to be resurfaced if we we wanted it smoother. He said that since the stones in the Pebble Tech are already polished before being applied, to buff it would make the edges sharper. He noted that our install seemed a bit 'rougher than usual'.

So, I'm not sure who to believe! Is one vendor just trying to sell me on refinishing with a newer Pebble Tech product to make more money?

Any help is appreciated!

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