Need suggestions/help with Pool Repair

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 81 perimeter, salt system
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Need suggestions/help with Pool Repair

Postby angiereco » Mon 22 Apr, 2013 14:33

Hi I had my pool built about 5 years ago. Its a 30X16 Playpool (81 perimeter) with a salt system. Last summer we could not get the water to clear up. Not sure if it was due to bad maintenance but we drained it out and thought it needed to be painted due to staining on the surface. The stone around the pool also continued to desolve and seems to need to be replaced. I need to know if painting is an option. I am being told it needs to be replastered and the stone should be replaced. I want to do the most cost effective yet something that will last. If it need to be plastered do I go with all white? It originally had 40% quartz. Also what can I expect to pay for all this? I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area. Help

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Need suggestions/help with Pool Repair

Postby czechmate » Fri 26 Apr, 2013 21:17

Now that is really funny one. I would suggest to get a phone for starters. It sounds like you don't have one.

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