Building a pool

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Building a pool

Postby donnaeast1 » Thu 02 May, 2013 08:24

i have been tasked at work to build a swimming pool for someone with the following wish list:
10m X5m rectangle/
1.5 m deep at shallow end and 2m deep at other
sand filter, valves, electric heaters to facitiliate intelligent low priority gradual shutdown feed form pv system.
a few underwater lights
retractable insulated cover

I havent the first idea about building swimming pools.
Is there anone out there that could tell me the volumn of things that i need:
firstly to build it ( bricks etc
and secondly to furnish it re heaters, pumps filters etc.

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Building a pool

Postby czechmate » Sat 04 May, 2013 22:51

Forger the bricks Bubba, Just dig a big hole. And don't forget the angel peeing in the water. It will be a nice touch!

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