white / pink algae - growing on all the plastic in the pool

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white / pink algae - growing on all the plastic in the pool

Postby tgbearlvr » Wed 28 Jun, 2006 18:54

We just had a major rain (8") and opened the pool tonight after being closed for a few days. Now we have white stuff floating all around the pool and on anything plastic (steps and skimmer rim) it is all covered with this stuff. It looks like it is like little hairs all over the plastic. When I hand skim it out, it is a pinkish color. The water itself is crystal clear however has this gross white/pink stuff floating all over.
Does anyone have a clue what this is or how to get rid of it?


hair/pink stugg?

Postby tiffanip1202 » Sat 15 Jul, 2006 02:46

We had this stuff too. Drained entire pool, nuked ourselves and everthing in/around pool withh chlorine, and are going to refill tomorrow. But I'm worried, have heard lots of things about "red" algae, and I haven't decided if I believe that's what this was. It was SUPER gross, and I just want to know what it was to try and prevent it from happening again. 6500 gallons is a lot of water to waste! Any thoughts? Anyone? -T

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