Pump Strainer Housing Leaking Water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump Strainer Housing Leaking Water

Postby exilegod » Wed 08 May, 2013 19:24

Hey guys, my pump strainer housing is leaking water, im not very techincal with this stuff but what im trying to say is i have the following pump


the black part connected the motor which im assuming is the pump strainer housing is leaking. Anyone know any websites that provide cheap replacements or is there a way to fix it?

TSH Tech

Pump Strainer Housing Leaking Water

Postby TSH Tech » Thu 09 May, 2013 03:18

Pretty vague explanation of the leak. So I'll go through all of the scenarios:

- Pump pot lid O-ring is worn, leaking when pump shuts off, replace O-ring
- Pump pot lid warped, leaking when pump shuts off, replace lid and O-ring
- The pump housing is cracked, replace the pump housing or go with a new pump.
- Pump pipe nipple inlet/outlet is leaking, re-do the pipe nipple threads with sealant. Use Pipe Joint Stik sealant and a CPVC nipple for this area, do not use Teflon tape.
- If the leak is between the black pump pot housing and the motor, there is a strong chance your shaft seal is no longer sealing. You will need to replace the shaft seals and since it's being opened, replace any O-rings between the housings.

Just an observation on your photo, there are some electrical safety issues I see right away:
- Connect up your (dead ground) Bonding Wire.
- Use flexible liquid tight electrical conduit and connectors on your power supply to the pump motor. You're currently using an indoor home wire that was not meant for outdoor/water type connection.

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