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Pool Care Proficient
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Postby vaughanwilliams » Mon 06 Jun, 2005 07:33

Hi Guys,

I'm new to this site, so go easy with me.

We've just started a pool supply company in Northern Cyprus. This is the Turkish part of Cyprus, and we are looking to import Zeolite from Turkey to offer to our customers.

Let me have your views on Zeolite, please. Good or bad, and with reference to that mined in Turkey if possible.


Vaughan Williams
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Postby Guest » Fri 19 Aug, 2005 07:41

Zeolite is absolutly @#%*ing amazing! I don't understand why people still use sand. Why don't the pool dealers recomend it to customers? Oh, wait, I get it, less chemical sales with zeo.

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