Flowclear 58215 chlorinator Problems- initial run time

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Flowclear 58215 chlorinator Problems- initial run time

Postby poolnewb » Sun 12 May, 2013 13:44


So I purchased the flowclear 58215 chlorinator last fall, but have waited till now to hook it up. I have connected it (which was tricky because my pump and sand filter are hayward models and the fittings are slightly larger than the flowclear) and when I turn it on I get an indicator saying that there is good flow (which I know because there is plenty of pressure coming out of the return into the pool). The salt content is low. I have not put in the 100Kg of salt, only 20Kg as I don't want there to be to much. After about 30 seconds the flow indicator goes out and the chlorinator begins to repeat a rythmic 4 beep pattern which will not stop. I cannot even power the unit off. The user manual says nothing about this at all. My question is: does anyone know if the problem is that the salt is so low that the chlorinator is unable to register a quantity and is just kicking out? Thanks

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