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Postby Guest » Wed 28 Jun, 2006 20:39

Every time I backwash and then add DE, the returns spit out the DE?? We were told to check the spindle thing inside but it was fine. What else could be causing this?
Also, I vacuumed to waste this time (cuz I used floc yesterday) why did I lose suction after a while? I thought that only happens when you vacuum on filter? 2- After backwashing (the jar never turned green by the way) the returns didn't get much stronger and I thought backwashing makes them run at full strength? Please if anyone could take the time to answer, I would really appreciate it.............. Lorraine :P


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Postby lsumter » Sun 09 Jul, 2006 13:24

How long has it been since you changed or added filter sand?
I curred a similar problem by changing sand and adding more. The pressure problem could be a broken line. I think thats what may be wrong with mine.
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Postby Walter » Mon 10 Jul, 2006 08:20

sounds like the DE is a riped or torn grid.
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Postby Guest » Mon 14 Aug, 2006 11:41

I went to the pool store because I seem to be having the same problem. Also, when I vacuum, I notice dirt returning to the pool. I figured it had to be a grid problem, but the guy said it looked ok to him. He suggested I make sure the cap to the filter is screwed on as secure as possible and the latch is hooked. It is very difficult to get this to happen on my own, so I am waiting for some help to hold the piece on place while I turn. I'm hoping this solves the problem because the grids are almost $200 to replace. I just thought I would share this story in case anybody is having similar problems.

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