(Rusty) Steel Walls (again) and Considering Rebuild!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 35000 gal IG pool, with concrete bottom, and steel sides and skimmers - that have collected some rust. DE Filter, Only have top skimmers, No main drain.
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(Rusty) Steel Walls (again) and Considering Rebuild!

Postby webguynow » Fri 17 May, 2013 14:27

OK, another season - another disaster ? What am I going to find when I pull off the cover.

We'll the answer [this year] is now clear, and a little disturbing.
My pool is ancient ( OK, pushing 50yo - just like me )
Has issues: like Steel sides that rust, and The Main drain was cemented over, years Ago (b4 I owned it)

So, I have a healthy growing Rust - mostly at the seams [ a few have it, the worst ]

This happened a few years ago, and I Repainted the walls with the Olympic Primer and Paint.
How long did it last ? 2 or 3 years - Is this acceptable ? not really

I'd like to remove the steel, but I don't know if what's behind it (concrete),
- is WaterTight
- structurally would hold the water.
- even if it does, I'd need to layer it with an additional concrete layer or even epoxy seal coat of some kind

Is a rebuild of the sides, too risky ?
Who would take on this job, and what would the potential cost be ?
(aside from throwing Chemicals in the pool, I've been underwhelmed by the knowledge of Pool 'Experts')

I know I'll have a pool for a few more years, if I repaint
( estimated cost, for parts/paint/labor $2000 aprx. )

If I go with another plan, I can't tell what might happen.
Suggestions / Recommendations, most welcome. Can even exchange emails, to discuss directly.

--- Here's the Photos --- --- You can see all four recent photos, Or Use the following link ---



I'll try to attach one, as well.
Steel Sides, Rusty Seams
Pool_4_Rust.jpg (85.53 KiB) Viewed 620 times

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