Broken Backwash Piston

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 20000 gal Pentair sand system 12 years old
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Broken Backwash Piston

Postby IAMFOODMAN » Sat 18 May, 2013 09:24


Brand new to the forum and a second season pool owner. The backwash piston broke on my pentair sand filter. It is the bottom disc and ring that has snapped off. I can replace the part, but am concerned about where the piece is. The PVC below it runs directly into the ground, so I'm at a loss. Do I just replace the part and move on? or is there a way to find the broken piece without digging up the yard?

I also have very fine air bubbles entering the pool, hoping that replacing this broken valve will help.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Swimming Pool Pro
Swimming Pool Pro
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Broken Backwash Piston

Postby CGPoolman » Sun 19 May, 2013 07:40

Hello Foodman,

If you could provide a photo of the valve, that would be a help. I think the bottom pipe is the backwash line, which should stub out into the yard somewhere. Chances are if the broken piece went down the backwsash line it will pop up in the yard somewhere.


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