Pump won't stay primed, pipes making a whooshing noise

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Octagon shaped, in-ground, approximately 25,000 gallons, liner, Hayward superpump and Hayward S310T2 sand filter. Pool does not have a main drain, just a skimmer drain.
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Pump won't stay primed, pipes making a whooshing noise

Postby allilo » Tue 21 May, 2013 09:06

I have an in-ground, 25,000 gallon single level pool. Opening went great until I was finishing up the last bit of the opening cleaning routine. My pool was installed before I moved in and it does not have a main drain in the bottom, just the skimmer drain. I cleaned with the vacuum hose in the skimmer drain and had the multiport valve set to "waste" as to avoid all of it going through my sand filter. Totally spaced that the debris still went through the pump and when I went to check once suction slowed down, noticed that the skimmer basket was very full. Emptied it, cleaned it, and vacuumed a second time (remembering to clean it after a few swipes). After emptying the second time, I couldn't get the pump basket to fill up with water beyond the top of the basket. Tried priming it via the "rinse" cycle (which usually works when I need to prime the pump) - it was a no go. Regardless of the cycle I move the valve to (backwash, rinse, filter, recirculate), the filter won't hold any pressure and begins pulsing the water through the line which bumps the psi from 0 to about 12. I have tried to let the filter works itself out, replacing the strainer basket gasket, checking for air leaks around the entrance and exit of the pump, and checking the impeller fan. None of these have fixed the problem. When I turn the valve on filter, the water pulses through the piping on the return valve side of the plumbing and makes a "whooshing" noise. There is suction in the skimmer, but it's not whirlpooling and the water coming into the pump is strong.

Not sure where to go from here. I think it's a clog on the return line side of things given the "whooshing" noise, but the pool stores I've been to said that a clog is unlikely. Any recommendations?

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