Major tile problem

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Major tile problem

Postby Guest » Tue 21 May, 2013 13:37

Hi Guys

I hope someone can give me some advice, My mother in law has a indoor pool in which she has had no problems with since she moved there (15 years ago).
However roughy about 2 months ago bits of tile has begun to away from the wall.
She went to the local swimming pool seller & they put her in touch with the guy who tiles all the pools.
Now just to cut the story short he advised that we empty the pool & he will come back to see how much of the tiles/tiling was useless, he went round knocking both floor & walls listening to see if it was hollow, lucky for us at the time it just seemed like the part of the wall where it was originally.
This is where we need advice, in the last day or so the floor of the pool has begun to pop out, and the guy is telling her that there is absolutely no adhesive on the back of the tiles.
My mother in law now thinks the guy is trying to rip her off as he has told he has no confidence in the tiles at all, obviously she rather do all the work now than wait 1 - 2 years down the line & do it all again
If it helps I can include photos but I think what we need to know is
Could whatever the problem be spread to the floor within a week of the pool being emptied & after he checked it
Forgive me for the length of the thread & please note I have no idea about pools
Looking forward to a response




Major tile problem

Postby Guest » Sat 25 May, 2013 15:04

Hello, any takers please


Major tile problem

Postby clickme1st » Mon 27 May, 2013 03:13

Show me some photos

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