White Foam on Top of Pool!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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White Foam on Top of Pool!

Postby AlexPetrou17 » Thu 29 Jun, 2006 15:17

There is a white foam that seems to just sit on top of my pool. A couple days ago i vacummed it and i got rid of all the dirt. Then the filer started to shoot out this cloud of white foam? I wasn't sure if it was bad or not because ive never seen it before. I come out the next morning and my pool looks like a gigantic frosted drink or something. I thought maybe changing the filter would be the answer but it seems like it is just refiltering this white foam! Is there any way to stop this or any chemicals to pour in i have a 30 foot above ground pool so its 30,000 gallons. If anyone could give me some advice it would greatly be appreciated. I want to go swim in it!~Alex

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