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Solar Panels

Postby pool user » Wed 29 May, 2013 18:36

Hello..I am new to forum, and was hoping someone could help me out...I have an above ground 12X20 pool, that i recently put up 2 sungrabber 2x20 solar panels..

When I hooked up the panels to my 1.5 hp pump..the pressure immediately dropped...the presseure is so bad I can put my hand over the outlet to the pool and stop the water flow...I also connected a ball valve to the pipe..hoping this would help,,but did not...any help would be muchly appreciated....Thanks!!


Solar Panels

Postby Guest » Mon 10 Jun, 2013 11:33

We need a little bit more info. How did you plumb in the solar panels, size of pipe, distance to solar panels, how are the panels mounted. Pictures would be great if possible.


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