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Not sure where to post this question

Postby Purrsian » Thu 30 May, 2013 19:34

Ok, upfront I'm going to get out of the way that we've owned a pool for several years. It's had it's ups and downs but we've always managed to conquer any water issues without to much of a problem.

We just opened our pool for the year and much to my utter horror, there is a dead bird in the bottom of our pool. It appears it's been there for quite some time as there is a layer of mold/fungus growing over it and the only reason I can tell you it's a bird is because there are tail feathers sticking out of the grey, lumpy mass that somehow must be removed from the bottom of my pool.

Now first question, removal tips to minimize me hurling in my back yard would be appreciated?

Second... should I just drain out the water, *then* remove this disgusting animal remnant and then clean my pool with bleach and a scrub brush or will shocking it be enough? Whenever we find dead animals in the pool, we dispose of them and raise the chlorine levels, etc.. and then move on, but this... *shudder*... this is something I've never had to contend with before.

Any and All advice is truly welcome here..

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