re-finishing painted pool

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re-finishing painted pool

Postby bostonpoolowner » Thu 29 Jun, 2006 18:00

We have a very old, 40 years, pool that I believe is gunite with rubber pool pain (many layers) on top. We are noticing, especially under the water line, that the pain is chipping away and pretty ugly. We'll have to do something in the fall and was curious if you thought tiles would adhere to the painted surface and maybe go down half way. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.\


Re-finishing painted pool

Postby khpony » Mon 02 Jul, 2007 19:24

We have the same problem here in Kansas. We re-painted our gunite pool last year and it bubbled real bad and repainted it again this year and it did the very same thing. I sure don't want to have to drain and paint every year. We're looking for help just like you are. There's got to be a better answer.


Postby bostonpoolowner » Sat 24 May, 2008 18:20

Did you have any luck. We have an empty pool and need to paint it again. I just read about a special paint made by Olympic that is called Fusion. It converts Rubber to epoxy. Is Epoxy a better pool finish?

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