DE Filter? - No air pressure release valve

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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DE Filter? - No air pressure release valve

Postby beemarieblue » Mon 03 Jun, 2013 12:40

Does anyone know how to relieve the pressure from a DE pool filter, when the filter does not have an air pressure release valve? At least I think its a DE filter. The whole system itself uses a push/pull valve instead of a multiport valve, and the backwash setting is activated by lifting the handle up. From what I read, that is usually an indicator of a DE system.

I recently moved into a home with an older filter system (stainless steel filter, with a connecting band around the middle of it). It is running, but the PSI is extremely high. I need to release the pressure so that I can then open it, clean it, etc.

There is no label on the filter itself to identify the model. And there are no valves on it either.
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