Closed filter without turning off pump. Now water is cloudy

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Closed filter without turning off pump. Now water is cloudy

Postby MOW » Sat 01 Jul, 2006 07:41

I goofed and closed the filter without turning off the pump first. We have a sand filter. Almost immediately, the high water pressure from the closed filter with the running pump blew the lid off my strainer basket and water shot out. I was able to buy a new lid, so that problem is solved. But, my water became incredibly cloudy. I had just added about 3 lbs of ph increaser, so it was slightly cloudy where I had broadcast it. But, a short while after my pump 'mishap' I saw that the water was extremely cloudy. Couldn't see but 12" below the surface.

I called 4 different pool places and got 4 different answers. I went with the recommendation to add floc. It's been 12 hrs, I see some sediment on the bottom which I will vaccuum to waste. The water is still fairly cloudy. Hopefully, more will settle out before I vaccuum.

My main concer is this: do you think I did damage to the filter when I closed it without turning off the pump first? There aren't any major leaks, maybe a slow trickle of water from the backwash hose that I noticed when the filter was on recirculate for a few hrs. yesterday. Anyone heard of this happening before?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Tammy » Thu 06 Jul, 2006 11:45

Dear Mow, If your pump is running at the correct pressure then your pump must be working ok. Depending on the time the filter was not operating you may just have a build up of residue from the ph product or shock. I had the same problem with my pool being cloudy and the filter kept blowing out a cloud of white dust. I finially found the problem: The guy at the pool store instructed me wrong on the prosedure to change my sand. I changed my sand in my filter and had 75 pounds of sand instead of the required 150 pounds. Which caused when I shocked or just added clorine it would cause a build up of residue. I would suggest running the pump on low for a day and before you vacume or run the pump on high backwash and be sure to rinse to settle the sand back in place. How long has it been since you changed your sand? If you want to change the sand. Turn the top dial on the sand tank to close and close your line coming in from the skimmer. Please be sure to fill the sand reservoir half way full of water to protect your baffles from being cracked which will cause you to get sand back into your pool and cap off the main pipe going down into the baffles to keep sand from getting into the baffles or use the attachment that came with you filter. Let the filter fill with water and open your air valve to release any air inside the sand chamber. The drissel of water out of your sight glass is probably not problem as release was through the strainer pot and has been corrected. But the dial on the top of the sand filter has thin rubber seals in it and if when you close your return and water comes back throug your strainer pot you may have to replace the seals if it bothers you I would suggest leaving it alone and waiting to see if running it on low and then back washing. Finally I am starting to have some peace with my pool and maybe this will help you. Good luck! Tammy

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