algea,chlorine --- cloudy pool-get rid-cholrine down???

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algea,chlorine --- cloudy pool-get rid-cholrine down???

Postby mariposa » Sat 01 Jul, 2006 08:39

i have been having a few problems with my pool pump but thats sorted but my pool went green from lack of cleaning, so i put half a tub of cholrine in it algea gone but i tested my pool and cholrine is very high and is very cloudy how do i take the cholrine levels dwn bt not get algea again and clear the water????

helpppppppppppppppppppppp :roll:

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Postby PoolGuy » Thu 06 Jul, 2006 15:13

When you put this in your pool do it in small amounts,it will take all your chlorine out in no time,be careful with this. for every 10,000 gals start out with 1lb. ask you pool place about it.and breen in 1pt of pool water,and they can test it and tell you how much to use.
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