New to pool need help

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New to pool need help

Postby rbjones21 » Mon 06 Jun, 2005 20:32

I just moved into a house with an above gound pool.

It has a Jacuzzi DE Filter: Landslide LS40.

I have followed the directions that I could find and still find that the filter keeps losing suction / flow rate.

Not sure if I did anything wrong or if this is normal.

The pump has a low and a high setting and I have been running it on high.

I have tried to find info on this filter and have been unable to.


Postby matt » Sat 25 Jun, 2005 16:31

water level high enough, is the wier getting stuck, look in skimmer when you turn on pump
John B.

Postby John B. » Sat 02 Jul, 2005 14:46

It may be worthwhile to see how much DE is in the filter. (Three or so times a year, you should take them apart and wash the plates and traps). You only need enough to coat the plates. My experience has shown me that the manufacturers suggested amount can be too much. I have a sand filter now (I moved) but my old DE only required two regular sized coffee cans of DE poured, slowly, directly into the skimmer. That was enough to do the job. I hope this helps.

John B.

Postby John B. » Sat 02 Jul, 2005 14:55

P.S. Check out poolcenter dotcom. They are a Jacuzzi dealer and have info on the LS-40. Maybe they can get you and owner's manual.


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