dissapearing clorine

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dissapearing clorine

Postby jay » Sat 01 Jul, 2006 08:46

I am having a problem keeping my clorine level up. I have shocked the pool guite a bit. The PH level has been maintained between 7.2 and 7.5 but the clorine seems to be dissapearing. Would a solar cover help? Or is it because the pool set for two years covered, untreated, and un- opened?

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Pool Care Proficient
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Postby PoolGuy » Thu 06 Jul, 2006 16:11

You need to add a sabilizer to it,it helps the chlorine stay in the pool.check your chems,or take a test to your pool store and find out what is best for your pool.
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Postby omikse » Thu 13 Jul, 2006 12:26

can I use a stabilizer in a vinal/rubber ubove ground pool?....It is one of those inflatable top ring pools?
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Postby Dennis Oldgeezer » Tue 18 Jul, 2006 07:51

Consider a salt generator system and as the previous reply noted, add stabilizer. Stabilizer makes it possible for the chlorine to remain in the pool

A salt chlorine generator will automatically maintain the proper levels of chlorine and now there is also a system that can monitor and adjust PH as well.

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