Unattached pool Light

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Unattached pool Light

Postby mrsd2611 » Tue 11 Jun, 2013 23:28

HI ,
Our pool light has disconnected from the wall and is floating in place held by the wiring. The screw holders for it are broken and we cannot reattach it.Does anyone have any ideas ?? is there a product we can use to stick it on?? we would prefer not to have to drain the pool below the light but if thats our only option we will.
Thanks :)

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Unattached pool Light

Postby CGPoolman » Thu 13 Jun, 2013 10:47


Take a look at the light fixture in the pool wall. There should be a tab where the light would catch on to mount it. If the tab is still intact, you can use a "light wedge" to secure the light back into the pool wall. You don't have to drain the pool down to put the light back in unless holding your breath is an issue. What I usually do is let all my air out so I sink into the pool and work for 30-40 seconds at a clip. Most pool shops should have a light wedge for sale, they aren't very expensive.


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