Pump plumbing advice needed. Thanks!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump plumbing advice needed. Thanks!

Postby jamespaulca » Sat 15 Jun, 2013 20:29

Hello, looking for some advice on pool pump plumbing project. Here is project need to replaced pump and restore a disconnected pool sweep. Currently an old underperforming 2HP pump is going directly into a Hayward C3025 filter via 1.5” piping. We have already purchased a Polaris 360 F1 Automatic Pressure Pool Cleaner. There is a disconnected 1.5”dedicated line to a pool connection for old long gone pool sweep. I will reconnect this when I install new pump. Because there is only 1.5” piping I was going to buy and install a Hayward Super pump of only 1.5HP it is only 83gpm. If I normally run both sweep and filter I don’t think I will get enough flow through filter. So I am leaning towards a SP2615X20 (approx 122 gpm). It will have 2” ports that I can deal with. Any advice?

Second question, is I will come up from pump’s discharge through a new union with 2” piping then either (a) “Tee” it with 1.5” branch to filter and 2nd branch to sweep. I would put a valve in sweep line to control flow to sweep. (b) Is come up from pump right into a diverter valve, with 1.5” going to filter and 1.5” line going to sweep. I am looking for most efficient flow plumbing. Any advice?

Thanks- I appreciate any advice to help me make right choices, to do it right first time.

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