Drastically Different Recommendations From Different Stores

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
algaecide, brightener, dichlor, sodium hypo,
sodium bisulfate, ....??

Drastically Different Recommendations From Different Stores

Postby scubaks » Sun 16 Jun, 2013 10:36

New pool owner with a 25,000 gallon fiberglass in-ground saltwater system. Was open fo the winter (when I obtained it). Just starting to learn pool chemistry. Water is clear, run Dolphin automatic cleaner 2-3 times/week. Pool has no major problems other than having a leak investigated (supposed to have been fixed post pool inspection) as losing 1/2 inch/day. Water chems fairly stable over the winter - tested at home 1-2x monthly.

Ran WQ with a Taylor K-2006 kit but also had double-checked at a brand new local store. FC .2ppm, TC .4ppm, pH 7.5 (store got 7.7), Hardness 70 ppm, Alkalinity 50ppm, CYA 4ppm. Salt - I got 2800 which matches cell reading, store got 2500. They also reported 0.1ppm Copper, 0.1ppm Iron, and 1000ppb Phos. Aside from the pH and salt fairly similar results. They recommended addition of muriatic acid for pH, baking soda for low alkalinity, calcium for hardness, shock for chlorine, stabalizer for CYA, phos remover, Metal free for copper/iron, addition of salt, salt water magic liquid concentrate, clarifier, algeacide, scale free, and stain remover. All together about $480.00. Figured this wasn't surprising for beginning of year.

My roommate wanted to go to a different store (well established and she has a friend who works there) so took the same sample and had it run (approx 20 mins later). They got the same results but their salt was 2800 and pH was 7.5 (what I got). The only recommendation they made was to boost the salt system for the low chlorine.

I'm confused as to whose directions to follow - don't want to spend needless money but want to do the right thing. Both places agree chlorine is low but approach in different ways. Based on results (both stores and my home kit) alkalinity is low, CYA is low, hardness is low. I believe the first store is trying to help though feel they might have thrown a bit much in there to start (salt water magic, clarifier, algeacide, stain remover). Suprised the established store is telling me not to worry about adding chemicals and just to get my chlorine up. Are hardness/alk/CYA less important in a saltwater system? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Drastically Different Recommendations From Different Stores

Postby chem geek » Sun 16 Jun, 2013 17:43

You've been "pool-stored". Take charge of your own pool, especially since you've already got the right test kit -- the Taylor K-2006. Read the Pool School, especially the article on Water Balance for SWGs.

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