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Pool build

Postby Mitch69 » Tue 18 Jun, 2013 01:48

Hi got some issues about building a cinder block pool :
Actually the blockwork is not the problem it's the swimming pool floor I cannot get a cement truck to the area I intend to build so I am looking for some alternatives:
- any possibility I can lay blockwork on top of an epdm rubber sheet?
- or somehow use bentonite clay to seal the bottom ?
- any sorts of slabs that can be filled over?

I'm sure somebody must have encountered this before !!!
Any advice would be much appreciated

Regards Steve.

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Re: Pool build

Postby soap94 » Thu 21 Jul, 2016 08:49

That is pretty easy if you have ready materials and what diy inground pool you want to apply. Google for ready manual and do it by yourself.

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