Green above ground pool

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Green above ground pool

Postby Brendt » Sun 13 May, 2012 09:28

Hi, if you don't already have a solution..try this.If your AGP is 30,000litres or around 7000 gallons you need to
1) backwash and rinse your filter (if it is sand) or manually clean it if it is a standard filter system.

2) you most likely have bad ph levels (it needs to be around 7ish) so put 1 kg of chlorine into the skimmer box (if it is cheep chlorine it is carried in chalk so dissolve it in warm water and pour into skimmer 1 cup at a time) dont put the sediment in particularly if youe filter is a sand filter because sand and calcium make cement and you have a sand filter you do not want a cement filter they just dont work very well haha!.

3)Put in 2kg of buffer (booster)to stop your chlorine dissipating.

4)Put in 700milliliters (700ml) of liquid antifungal, this should be copper based or silver based (pour it around the pool extremity, around inside the pool edge.

5) Get a clarifying block (or similar but you need a clarifier of some sort) and take it out of the packet and put it inside the skimmer box. And add 500 grams (1 pound approx) of bi carb soda.

6) Give your pool a quick scrub concentrating on the worst areas and leave the pump on for 6 hours.

7) that should be about it, put the creepy crawly on (if you have one) and if after a few days the pool is not crystal clear then add another clarifying block. Just maintain your pool by putting in 500grams of chlorine per week.

Obviously if your pool is bigger than this you will have to work out the amount of product based on the larger amount based on a fraction eg, if your pool is 14,000 gallons (60.000 liters approx) then double what I said etc or if your pool is 10,000 gallons then use 1.5 x the amount comprende..

All the best,
ps , My name is Brent I am from Australia and I saw you had this problem so if I can help I will....I did not do it to gain anything. However if you care to pray for me I will be much appreciative. All the best and happy swimming my friend. ; ) B. :wave: :thumbup:

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Green above ground pool

Postby Ramoncat » Mon 24 Sep, 2018 14:41

I just had my above ground pool liner replaced and used Patrick from:

Kelseys Pool Service
2 McDewell Ave
Danvers, MA 01923
978 273-3072

I highly recommend them.

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