Swimming Insects

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
algaecide, brightener, dichlor, sodium hypo,
sodium bisulfate, ....??
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Re: help on tad pole looking bugs in my pool

Postby Backglass » Mon 30 Jul, 2007 08:28

Philly Mike wrote::evil:


I'm no expert...just a long time pool owner. The real experts are at www . troublefreepool . com

Download Bleachcalc free at troublefreepool . com /files/BleachCalc262.exe and start saving money on chemicals.

Re: Swimming Insects

Postby helpmeiwant2swim » Sun 26 Aug, 2007 10:17

Carol wrote:I live in Central Florida and have just recently put up an above ground 18' x 48" pool. Since filling it I have noticed swimming insects in the pool. They look to be about 3/4" long, yellow with single wings on either side of their body and swim very fast. I've tried netting them and they sort of hop out of the net back into the pool. My main concern is whether or not they bite/sting. Help!

I think i have the same i have really little tiny ones in my pool and this great big one from what i have read i think they do bite and im wanting to go in the pool badly so can someone help me ! xxx
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Re: Swimming bugs

Postby pool wizard » Sat 27 Oct, 2007 22:47

they are actually good for the pool because they EAT all of the alge
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Swimming insects and pool bugs

Postby Pool Man » Fri 02 Nov, 2007 19:58

They are attracted to your pool water because your water is not balanced correctly. If your water is not balanced, you will have algae in your pool. (Even though you can't see the algae, they are microscopic.) These bugs, (backswimmers, etc) feed on algae or the other bugs in your pool that are feeding on algae. Up your chlorine levels with bleach and throw some borax in there. Use the BBB method and you will have no troubles.

Don't know what BBB is?

Go to troublefreepool(dot)com


Postby christo » Tue 12 Feb, 2008 05:06

Hi there i have used a product called (NO MORE BUGS) it is a lo clor product and it kills the little buggers but after a wile they do come back. But it dose work!! :D
Buggin' in Fl.

Water Bugs

Postby Buggin' in Fl. » Mon 14 Apr, 2008 09:51

These bugs are awful! I am scared to death of them!

This is my first time on this site and read all the entries. What seems to be the answer? Dawn soap?

I just put 2 bags of shock and a bottle of chlorine in and I am still finding them!!

Help I am BUGGIN'!!!!!!!!
Buggin' in Fl.

Re: Water Bugs

Postby Buggin' in Fl. » Tue 15 Apr, 2008 11:35

Buggin' in Fl. wrote::?
These bugs are awful! I am scared to death of them!

This is my first time on this site and read all the entries. What seems to be the answer? Dawn soap?

I just put 2 bags of shock and a bottle of chlorine in and I am still finding them!!

Help I am BUGGIN'!!!!!!!!

I used the soap last night and this morning NO bugs!!! Hooray! It seems to really work. Thanks all! :!:

back swimmers

Postby parch » Mon 21 Jul, 2008 19:00

I HAD back swimmers..... The product is "back up" made by "bioguard" any pool supply that sells Bio guard should stock it. It does'nt foamup like dish detergent and worked wonders...those things were floating in about 24-48hrs.

Backswimmers by the thousand

Postby Tiny » Sat 16 Aug, 2008 13:27

I have had a problem off and on with these backswimmers. My oldest son seems to be their target, as he has had many bites. They are painful. We have only had a few at a time until last night. We usually just net them out and crush their little heads. But last night we had the large outdoor flood lights on, and backswimmers while flying in large swarms of course mistake the family pool for a pond or slough and land. There were literally thousands in our pool. Before we could exit, the kids had been bitten several times. Backswimmers are very aggressive, especially in large numbers. We put the pool cover on the pool and in the morning, all except for a couple of dozen were dead. Between the pool water being properly maintained, and lack of oxygen, they were killed through the night. Biohazard does work when used properly, soaps have some success as well, but the best solution is to maintain your pool chemical levels at all times.[/i][/b]

Water Boatman in my Pool

Postby HOCC » Mon 22 Sep, 2008 20:02

Over night I have been infested with Millions of these bugs. We swam yesterday and over night they came. I don't know from where. I don't know much about these bugs except it's pretty shocking. I run a large pool. We are 135,000 gal. I have been reading posts and today I shocked heavily and tomorrow I will put in algaecide. I hope this works as I have one more weekend to go before I close for the year. I am not very hopeful as I haven't seen much success on the internet with getting rid of these guys.
You would be shocked to walk in and see what I have seen today. I have never encountered this before. :shock:

I have the Answer!!

Postby Sparky » Sun 01 Feb, 2009 01:34

To be clear before I start I am a novice pool owner (which is why I was searching this topic to resolve my bug issue) however the answer came to me in a flash. :idea:

These pesky bugs have to breath therefore if you cut off their air supply they die. We once put parafin in our rain water tanks to prevent mosquito lavae from hatching, obviously parafin was not an option so I grabbed about 50ml of baby oil and spread it over the suface of the water, stirred the pool up and within two hours the bugs were floating on the surface. all that was left was for me to skim the surface of the pool with the net and then run the pool skimmer, the water is now crystal clear and as an added bonus we all have beautiful soft skin! :lol:

1. I do not have any idea what effect this will have on the water quality however if it is OK for a babies skin I would think there would be no problem in our 10metre pool.
2. The oil residue left on your skin will make you more likely to get sun burnt.
3. Having baby soft skin may drive your partner wild :shock:
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Swimming insects and pool bugs

Postby lonestar » Sun 01 Feb, 2009 09:45

If you have bugs in your water, your water is not sanitary. You should never swim in a pool with bugs in it. There are some interesting dieseases you can get from untreated water, some of which can be spread just by being splashed in your eye. Its not like swimming in a fast moving river. Your pool pump doesnt move that much water.

If you have bugs, do not swim. Increase the chlorine level (shock it heavily) and wait.

Swimming Insects

Postby enjoythepool » Fri 27 Mar, 2009 18:38

Check out what this guy had to say. http://www.e-bug.net/forum/messages/21602.shtml Take away the food and the bugs die!! He said shock then scrub everyday for a week, and don't forget the algaecide. He has my vote. Kills the bugs that feed on the algae (food source).

Swimming Insects

Postby rabmab1991 » Wed 20 May, 2009 16:39

I have these bugs in my pool that resemble ticks but was told they are not. They keep coming back and pool shock does not kill the. They are not Backswimmers. Does anyone know what they could be? PLEASE HELP. I have 3 small children and am afraid for their safety.....!

Swimming Insects

Postby ritz » Thu 21 May, 2009 05:35

Guessing the infestation you have is from Springtails, Rab. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springtails

Even in MA I get the backswimmers in my pool. They are a nuisance, I will try the soap trick.

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