Swimming Insects

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
algaecide, brightener, dichlor, sodium hypo,
sodium bisulfate, ....??
Whats Up

Swimming Insects

Postby Whats Up » Mon 05 Sep, 2011 18:37

Hey, we live in South Florida and we get the same bugs in our above ground pool if I am slacking on the clorine. They are really cool to watch, but they dont bite!! :D


Swimming Insects

Postby sharibear » Sun 25 Sep, 2011 16:14

after reading all posts, i added a small amount of babyoil to the surface of our pool, walked around the sides with the net to swish it around. by the time i got back to where i started, there were at least 3 dead back swimmers floating on the surface. our pool is 16 foot round above ground. im gonna do some more research on where they come from and why.. we cought one and put him in a jar, they have fangs, so im sure they most definately could bite. im not chancing getting in the water with them. thanks for all the info from every one, good luck with your pools, (dont let the pool bugs bite! :thumbup: )

Swimming Insects

Postby John75 » Sat 10 Mar, 2012 19:24

Hi Bailey! Have you checked this guide about water filtration at
and pool water chemicals at

Swimming Insects

Postby kdoga » Tue 27 Mar, 2012 20:08

I had an above ground pool installed last summer in richmond texas.....we had no rain all summer, so we spent alot of time in it. It is 12x24 ft. Noticed some bugs that swim extremely fast but managed to catch them....had to smash them as soon as i caught them because they would jump right back in. The only thing i discovered that worked to help get rid of them was to use a copper algae preventer. You just don not want to use too much because the copper in the product will oxidize in your hair and turn it green.....Also doing the dry acid treatments seems to help....

Swimming Insects

Postby simbasfolks » Thu 14 Jun, 2012 20:05

The best way to kill the back swimmers is to put them in water that has been mixed with oil. Vegetable oil is fine too. Since they breath oxygen, they can't get to the surface due to the oil and they drown.
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Swimming Insects

Postby rosalind » Sat 16 Jun, 2012 01:34

Carol wrote:I live in Central Florida and have just recently put up an above ground 18' x 48" pool. Since filling it I have noticed swimming insects in the pool. They look to be about 3/4" long, yellow with single wings on either side of their body and swim very fast. I've tried netting them and they sort of hop out of the net back into the pool. My main concern is whether or not they bite/sting. Help!

Well, I have the same problem. I have found the solution that is liquid washing and squirted water which is beneficial to kill them. Use near about the 3 tablespoons this solution. This will definitely helpful for you.

Swimming Insects

Postby krissa » Tue 26 Jun, 2012 17:13

hey everyone i have had this problem befor and have delt with it and the bugs havnt been back. what u do is get rid of their food sorce if there is nothing for them to eat they will leave the back swimmers feed on other bugs (dead or alive) and the other kind feed on vegitation (like alge or sea weed) so if u get rid of the vegitation it will get rid of the one and that in turn will get rid of the other. happy swimming!!!

Swimming Insects

Postby Guest » Tue 03 Jul, 2012 09:58

They are a nuisance and their bite hurts. But I have found a way to control them. You'll need goggles and a snorkel as well as just the net end of your leaf skimmer net. These guys have to come up for a gulp of air once in a while. In my pool, they hang around the edge. So I snorkel around the perimeter and look for them. They are easy to spot in a pool that's not too dark colored. When I see that they start making their way to the surface, I come up fast underneath them and slam the net face down on the concrete sides. Then just use the palm of your hand to smash them through the net. The trick is to get in and swim the pool with goggles before and once in a while during swim time. It's kind of a nuisance, but it's fun killing those guys.

Swimming Insects

Postby HELP » Thu 12 Jul, 2012 19:07

we have little brown bugs with long front or back legs, :x it bit my bro and it felt like a knife going throug his finger ... :evil: i need help
HELP!From Texas

Swimming Insects

Postby HELP!From Texas » Thu 12 Jul, 2012 19:12

:sick: [sup][/sup]brown bugs with long back or short legs!!!!!!!!!! Help me there bite really hurts... Please help me :oops: :? :(


Postby SWAG » Thu 12 Jul, 2012 19:19

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help :evil: evil bugs atacking me.....some r brown some are black and white...grrrrrrrrrrrr!:3 :evil: <3
Pat from TNX?

Swimming Insects

Postby Pat from TNX? » Sat 13 Jul, 2013 19:42

[Only way to get rid of these biting bugs is to net them and squish them or they will fly back in po

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