Used heater parts- Laars Lite 2 LJ

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Farmer Steve

Used heater parts- Laars Lite 2 LJ

Postby Farmer Steve » Wed 26 Jun, 2013 04:56

The kids are grown and gone and we usually don't use the pool heater because we wait until the end of June when the pool is warm enough(prpane's not cheap!). This year we decided to have a mid june party and tried to fire up the heater, Propane tank was full. Diagnosis was defective power control board not sending juice to the igniter. Board is part #RO366800. It's found in all sizes of the Lite 2 LJ models but no others. Somebody somewhere must be junking one of these. I've seen these boards listed for prices between $800 and $250! One shop offers to repair them for $225. I'm trying to find a used one for about $100. Various components for these heater run $800-$1100 which is way too much for most people to want to pay rather than replace the whole unit. so, hasn't anybody tried to collect these old heater and made a business out of selling used parts? Or do they just go to scrap dealers for the metal? Or do you installers just keep your own scrapyards in your backyards for yourselves? If anyone has or knows where I can pick up the board I need, please let me know. Thanks

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