To my fellow pool ballers

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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To my fellow pool ballers

Postby upstatenyer101 » Wed 26 Jun, 2013 20:47

I bought my home last year and inherited an inground pool. I never had a pool, don't know a thing about pools. Came across this website last year when I had algae issues because Leslie's pool was costing me an arm and leg and working on a kidney! ChemGeek is the best! This site has saved me a ton of money and I am well on my way to being ChemGeek Jr. :lol:

My latest issue this week was after cleaning the filter, it wouldn't prime....hmmm. It is self priming, and ran bone dry, no water coming into the pump. So I got on my trusty "swimming pool help forum" site. I took the garden hose and stuck it into the hole there in the skimmer area. I got blasted in the face with dirt and gunky stuff. Then put the hose in the hole on the pump side and periodically tried to see if the pump would prime. Finally after 10-15 minutes this white plastic cog wheel shot out into the pump basket followed by loads of dirt and the rest of the gunk that wasn't sprayed on my face. Wella!! pump primed, pressure was better than it ever was. The cog wheel came off the automatic vacuum, :oops: I learned 3 things today.....1) don't hang your face directly over the pipe your trying to flush 2) when you take the vacuum out of the pool, make sure there are no missing parts 3) if it wasn't for this site my pool would be a lovely veggie garden by now :crazy: So a HUGE thank you , hugs and kisses to all my fellow pool ballers for helping me in my times of need. Until we meet again, swim safe and fast :wave:


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