Milky blue water for weeks, no matter what.

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Milky blue water for weeks, no matter what.

Postby Momma wants to use her pool » Mon 01 Jul, 2013 08:19

ok, so we had a classic case of DARK green SLIME, but it was 2 weeks ago, we had just taken off our poor quality new tarp cover, shouldn't have bothered, but I digress. So, I put in 2lbs shock granules, didn't want to over do it. Nothing. put in 4lbs. nothing. 2 days. nothing. went to pool store where they sold me 5gal algaecide and 1 pool clarifier. Of course, the predictable foam action, then nothing. brushed walls, tried to vacuum, backwash, nothing. My conclusion? Algaecide was NOT for my application, use bleach and do it like you mean it!

5 gal liquid bleach and a full chlorinator later, the pool is a murky, milky blue. So, I vacuuum, vacuum, vacuum. 3 days. constantly Backwash, rinse, add more water b/c it is too low now, add more shock b/c now it is turning a murky green in the deep from the blue.

Ack! my pH was good,Leslies advised to turn off the chlorinator to let chlorine go below 1.5, added Natural Chemistry's Pool First Aid. I was hoping for a miracle. I thought that like in the video I would wake up, the water would be clear and I could vacuum away all the goop on the bottom. Nope. Several days after we put THAT in, and I had to wait for the chlorine to lower so it could be more effective, and my murky blue is back, but a brighter blue. keep brushing walls, vacuuming, testing levels, 4 days ago put in baking soda (12lbs) to balance pH again, but when I vacuum to waste, which is often, the water level drops drastically b/c it is such a big pool and I do it slow, so I have to add more water from the hose.

SINCE NOTHING MUCH HAS CLEARED THE WATER YET< I NOW ADDED SeaKlear tabs to my filter baskets. And I waited. Brushed the walls, ran the filter for days, milky haze, can't see below 6", frustrated!
I watched and understand that floc (like first Aid) drops things to the bottom and sea clear floats things up, so I run the filter to clear the top, I vacuum to suck murk from the bottom but I can't see what I'm doing through the haze.

NOW: low pH, milky blue, you can sense my frustration. I am "just" the mom of 4 who would like to bring the entire neighborhood into the pool like they normally do every day but I want my pool clean. Even though some say if the chem is good they can go in I want to be able to see them if they go to the bottom and will not put my kids into my chem experiment. I took chem in 10th grade (20 yrs ago) and liked it but I don't like it now.
:evil: Help! Please!

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Milky blue water for weeks, no matter what.

Postby chem geek » Tue 02 Jul, 2013 02:10

Shocking a pool is NOT about a one-time dose. It is about MAINTAINING a high level of chlorine and doing 24/7 filtration. First off, you can't properly shock without a proper test kit so get yourself either the Taylor K-2006 or the TFTestkits TF-100, both of which have a FAS-DPD chlorine test that can test up to 50 ppm. Read the Pool School articles on Defeating Algae and The Shock Process. If your CYA is high (especially above 80 ppm), then I'd suggest a partial drain/refill to lower it since you'll have to do that eventually anyway so diluting now will let you shock to a lower FC level than if the CYA were very high.

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