Wrinkle in a new liner

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I'm new here
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Wrinkle in a new liner

Postby gnahar1 » Mon 01 Jul, 2013 11:40

I got my swimming pool vinyl liner replaced. My pool is 18X36 kidney shaped. In the new liner I saw quite a few wrinkles. I contacted the company. They tried to take the wrinkle out. It helped some but still I have quite a few wrinkles on the shallow end of the pool. Is it common to have wrinkles on new liner? My old liner had no wrinkles. Should this be smoothed out? What problems can I expect if the wrinkles are present?

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Wrinkle in a new liner

Postby CGPoolman » Mon 01 Jul, 2013 13:38

Inground liners are usually measured several times to ensure the numbers are right. I worked for a pool builder several years ago that did a lot of liner replacements - the pool was measured by 2 different teams to make sure the numbers were right before we ordered the liner. Most companies are very cautious when measuring, because eating a liner is an expensive mistake!

More than likely the liner shifted or was not suctioned into place correctly when it was being installed. This is not uncommon and should be an easy fix. The downside is the pool will have to be drained to get the wrinkles out of the floor. The installer should make every reasonable effort to fix the wrinkles. If you still owe them any $$ I would hold payment till they make it right.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Wrinkle in a new liner

Postby poollinershq » Wed 24 Jul, 2013 22:58

I agree with CG. Either the pool liner doesn't have the correct measurements or something went wrong during the liner installation. If you want to get the wrinkles out, then there's really no other option than to drain the pool. Next time, better to check the liner for wrinkles first, before filling the pool with water again. :thumbup:

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