Black spots on bottom of pool after acid wash.

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Black spots on bottom of pool after acid wash.

Postby Fen2you » Tue 04 Jul, 2006 06:54

Recently I drained and completed a total acid wash on our gunite pool,
then refilled the pool. While refilling the pool with well water I noticed that some silt from the well was also entering the pool. Now I am having issues with black spots on the bottom of the pool. I suspect that the spots are not related to the silt entering the pool. I believe I am having a bout of Black Alge. This caught me off gaurd being as I completed an acid wash the day before refilling the pool. Your thoughts on this situation
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Julian55 » Thu 06 Jul, 2006 23:40

the only way to get rid of black spot algae is to put chlorine directly on the spots, use Granular Chlorine.


test your pool first, take a tablespoon of chlorine and put it on you steps, leave it for a few minutes, maybe 10, if the chlorine stains your pool surface do not put it in your pool, it meens you have heavy metals in your water and it will get rid of the algea but then leave big black marks on your plaster.

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