Another new pool owner - I Hate cold water - SoCal

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Another new pool owner - I Hate cold water - SoCal

Postby SoCalDad » Sun 07 Jul, 2013 11:01

Against my wishes we just moved into a new house with an in ground pool. I was perfectly content with no pool buy the wife is the boss and now we have a pool…

Just in the last year we moved to Southern California. The daily temperature swings can move 35-50 degrees. At 6 am it has been as cool as upper 50’s then by 3-4 pm it can be a 100 or more. Of course late in the afternoon the pool feels the best.

I how ever have become to love this pool but I want to go out and jump in at 11pm at night after our little girl is asleep and the world has slowed down enough for me to relax…

Would a solar blanket help with keeping the water temps a little higher…

Back in VA where we are from, I can remember pools almost feeling like a warm bathtub at night but here it’s more like the polar plunge.

It is a plaster pool…

There is a solar blanket here that is in two pieces. It is blue and covers maybe 85% of the pool water…

Does this blanket seem like the right thing or is there another type or size I should look for ?

Thank you advance for any advice I may be able to get…

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