Sever Weather Affecting Pool

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Sever Weather Affecting Pool

Postby Fireman2073 » Thu 10 Feb, 2005 09:13

Hello all

I closed my pool in September and throughout the winter we have received some snow. Well we recently had a warm spell and now all the water seems to have been pushed up against the inside wall of my pool & has since frozen again. When I look inside the pool it looks like a big hole. The pool cover has collapsed into the pool to the point that it is now even with the rail at the top of the pool's wall. I have a 21' round above ground pool, and a friend gave me a 27' round pool cover. I also noticed that behind the pool, the ground has eroded near a footing for one of the posts for the pool and water seems to be dripping from under the pool.

My question is this - What has happened? Is this normal? What do I do about it?

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pool freeze

Postby Larry » Wed 16 Feb, 2005 04:51


It sounds like your pool got "snowed under" and the water at the edges and at the surface froze up. If this is the case, the bottom of the pool may well have split, causing a leak at ground level. If the ice is caved in and you notice water leaking then more than likely this is the reason. If you have any more info, let us know and we can try to figure out exactly what went on.


Pool Freeze

Postby Fireman2073 » Sun 16 Oct, 2005 10:33

That's what may have happened. When we removed the cover in the Spring there were numerous gashes in the liner along the bottom of the pool near the base of the walls. We needed to install a new liner. Everything seemed fine over this summer. We have since closed the pool again for the upcoming winter. How do you think this happened? Could it have been an installation problem? When you walked behind the pool, near where the footing eroded, the "earth" was cut back so sharply for the installation of the pool that you needed to erect a retaining wall to keep the earth from sliding...

Another question - Most recently I mentioned we have since closed the pool again. The pillow is no longer in the middle of the pool, it is tight up against the wall of the pool. Is this OK? We had the local pool store close our pool this year to ensure that everything was done correctly this time around. Almost so that I could have a sense of relief that a professional has taken a liability against and problems during the winter. Now my question is - Is it ok for the pillow to be resting against the wall of the pool, or should it be more in the center of the pool off the wall???

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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