PH & Alkalinity issues!

Problems relating to pH and total alkalinity.
Increase ph, increase TA. Reduce pH, reduce TA.
pH chemistry advice and techniques for the pool.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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PH & Alkalinity issues!

Postby hannahmak » Wed 05 Jul, 2006 15:36

Hi, we live in Illinois and have had a tough time balancing our PH & Alkalinity. Alkalinity is high & PH low. We raise PH then lower Alkalinity, which in turns lowers my PH again. It occurs either way we adjust. Alkalinity high, PH low. How do we balance it all out?
Thank you!

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Postby PoolGuy » Thu 06 Jul, 2006 16:25

first when you add Alkalinity to your pool do not do it all at once,so much at a time,this gives your PH a time to become sable,make sure your Alkalinity is the right ppm for your pool. and check all your chem,they all have to work as one.
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Postby Guest » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 08:39

Thanks Pool Guy! I added Muratic acid over a 2 day spread. My Alkalinity looks good today. Now my pool is very cloudy and has a tinge of green to it. If I shock it for the algie, won't it get my acid all out of wack again? It feels like I'm going in a big circle. always ending up where I started.

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