water behind liner with inground pool

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pooled out

water behind liner with inground pool

Postby pooled out » Wed 05 Jul, 2006 20:23

We have water behind the liner in our 18 X 36 inground pool. Just had the liner installed 6 weeks ago. Never had this with the two previous liners even through two hurricanes. It also appears that the plastic insulation material hung on the walls has risen with the water and the plastic is now
bunched up near the water level.
Installer says its not his problem.
How can we go about getting the insulating plastic back down and get the wrinkles out of the bottom? Is a bathroom plunger our only hope?


water behind liner

Postby butkusmi » Sun 16 Jul, 2006 19:20

Unless water is leaking from your pool, water from the ground water is leaking INTO your pool. Enough water pressure from ground water will get behind the liner to push up the light foam on the wall.
Getting the foam down again is impossible. With water pressure against the liner side, nothing can fit there. If you drain the pool, the liner will shrink due to the chlorine in the water. Taking it down to 1 foot, may be one way but I am not sure if the liner will shrink and you won't get the liner back in the hanger.

If the liner is leaking, it's the installer's problem. Maybe a seal from the intake or return line is not sealing. But your pool water level would have to drop. If you have very high rain rates, your liner lifting can happen in an in-ground pool and has happen to me a couple of times over 15 years. Mainly it's the bottom of the shallow end that will float for a few days then dissapate. Usually leaving wrinkles in the floor.

Water behind pool liner

Postby ronina » Thu 26 Mar, 2009 04:11

We have every spring water built up behind the liner from our inground pool. After 1 or 2 months the water goes and all is well again.

Can we have problems from this events and what can we do for it?

Thank you

Water behind liner with inground pool

Postby jseader » Wed 13 May, 2009 12:56

Good Day,

Our pool was installed May last year. It was built on a hill so the back side of pool is above ground and front side was built into hill. The back side has huge water pockets behind the liner. 9 in total, but largest on back side. We also have a main drain. The front side of pool has a large concrete deck with a inlaid 12 foot paver circle. Pool builder wants to blame lanscaper, landscaper says it's happening on other side of pool above ground level, which is impossible. Pavers have been used to lanscape around pools forever. If this were true, we would not be the first occurance. The deep end of pool in only 4 feet into ground due to steepness of hill.

What do you think is causing the water build-up?

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