Pressure rising

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Pressure rising

Postby skelly » Tue 07 Jun, 2005 20:53

I have a Hayward DE filter and the pressure starts around 7 and within 2 hours it goes up to 20. I cleaned the fingers with hose, same problem. Then I took the fingers to the pool place and they Cleaned them, same problem. So I bought new fingers, same problem (and I'm out $300).
Any Ideas?


Postby Guest » Thu 09 Jun, 2005 11:57

maybe your pressure gage is faulty
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby PaulInOntario » Sun 12 Jun, 2005 21:20

As already stated it is most likely faulty. I have had to buy one each year for my 16 x 32 inground for about $10 bucks. When operating corrctly & the filter is backwashed then rinsed what ever the reading is then with a new guage it will rise slowly maybe up to 5 after a week or maybe two, simply back wash then rinse & your good to go for another week or two.

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