Auto-Chlorinator problem

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Auto-Chlorinator problem

Postby Stumped » Thu 11 Jul, 2013 19:23

I have a Hayward CL220 Bypass auto-chlorinator that is not working properly. What I've found is that the output of the filter is forcing water back into the chlorinator via the Output. My guess is that I have something that is restricting water flow back to the pool which causes the water to back up and flow into the chlorinator. I've tried removing the plastic jets in the pool to relieve any restriction, to no avail. Any other ideas?

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Auto-Chlorinator problem

Postby CGPoolman » Fri 12 Jul, 2013 13:48


This is the off-line chlorinator, correct? You could have a clogged hose or one of the nozzle fittings is clogged. Try taking them apart and cleaning them. You can also buy a repair kit for about 20 bucks and replace all the hoses and fittings.


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