Brown Water & Very High Chlorine

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
water. Discolored but clear pool water.

Brown Water & Very High Chlorine

Postby Guest » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 10:41

We are first time pool owners & We got a used pool Saturday & it was pretty dirty & rust stained.... We have been shocking it the past 3 days & the water is still brown & now the chlorine level is orange - way too high since this morning it was fine before this last shock. We have swept the bottom & sides, cleaned out the filter once or twice a day which is nasty orange. DH won't let the pump run but a couple hrs a few times a day saying it says to only run it 4 hrs a day & he's afraid the pump will burn up - like he thinks with everything else letting it run like the water hose. I keep telling him we need to run it to get it cleaned out but he won't listen. DH was adding algae & clarifier to it before we got the shocker. The ph balance is fine. help!!!! Is it safe for our boys to be swimming in it?


Brown water in your pool

Postby akter61 » Sun 16 Jul, 2006 19:22

If I had to guess I would say you live in a rural area and you have iron in your well water. The chlorine in the Shock will cause your water to discolor. Goto a pool supply store and explain the problem to them. They will get you a mineral removal system. This will clear the problem up.

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