line problem? please help!

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line problem? please help!

Postby Lauren » Sat 08 Jul, 2006 00:25

Okay. We are new at this stuff. We bought a house that has a 20 year old inground pool that hadn't been opened for 4 years. We replaced the liner, cleaned the filter, put the DE, shocked, chlorine stablized, and all that jazz. Well the filter says to run it at 10-12 (which it is doing) but when i look into the skimmer, nothing is even circulating. It doesn't have much suction. And then when we went to vacuum, the pressure dropped to 6 and the water at the pump dropped half way and never filled. The vacuum doesn't pick up a darn thing! It hardly sucks at all. Does this mean there is a clog in the line? Or maybe it is leaking? What do we do now?
Please help!

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Postby Walter » Mon 10 Jul, 2006 07:49

you have a clog. You can do two things. Pull the lid off at the pump and pull the basket. Get a shop vac that can blow instead of vacuum, stick that in the opening at the bottom of the skimmer blowing back to the pump, you should get what ever is in there out. If that doesn't work then you might have to call a service company. You would be surprised on what would case a clog, I have come across a few things even a golf ball once. Also if you have a valve for skimmer and main drain, try to close the main drain 75%. Good Luck and Happy Hunting
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