Help please, suddenly lost lots of water, leak. New Owner

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 14,000 gallons, 25x15, Hayward SP1040NS pump, A&A Man pop up cleaners, cartridge filters, 8 75ft. SWG not functioning..
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Help please, suddenly lost lots of water, leak. New Owner

Postby beachinmoney » Thu 25 Jul, 2013 15:07

Hi and thanks in advance. I just bought this house 4 months ago. Just last week my pool started growing algae, so I bought new filter cartridges. They have been in for a week doing great. At 2am I went out to turn on the pump and airrator because I realuzed it wasn't on. At 7:30 my BF came in screaming the pool.. It had lost over 8 inches, the aerrator was shooting over the fence and the now totally exposed step pop up's were shooting water straight up. The water drained to just below the skimmer level. We turned pump off. It was raining out so I can't tell if the pump is leaking due to the rain water but in Arizona it doesn't take much water to flood the yard and it is not obviously wetter anywhere. Please help. I am filling again now...

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