Chlorine test photo

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Chlorine test photo

Postby Danas » Tue 06 Aug, 2013 06:59

Hello, i`m not good with colors :) can you help me and say how many Chlorine is there?


Chlorine test photo

Postby Danas » Thu 05 Sep, 2013 03:49

Such a noobs. 211 post views and no respond or opinion... this forum is dead
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Chlorine test photo

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 06 Sep, 2013 09:10

I suggest that you ask some one else ( a neighbour or relative ) to check the colour
Sending an image is pretty useless as they render differently on different PC's, lighting and background make a difference, who would want to give an opinion without seeing the original test

This forum is an excellent place to gain additional information about all aspect of pools but you should be able to ascertain what level of chemicals you have in your pools

If you have colour blindness get an Aquachek Trutest meter and strips, that will give you a pretty good indication of your water properties

IMHO, the sample looks greater than 1.5

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