Wiring entrance - what is the name of that part ?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Wiring entrance - what is the name of that part ?

Postby littlejohn » Wed 07 Aug, 2013 07:46

Hi all,

What is the name of the part that screws in the hole where the wires enter the pump ?

Electrical guys say that is part of the pump and the pump guys are saying it is part of the electrical installation and I don't even know what to call it so searching is difficult.

Any help ?


Wiring entrance - what is the name of that part ?

Postby Guest » Wed 07 Aug, 2013 10:09

90 degree plastic connector on pump & striaght plastic connector for timer.
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Wiring entrance - what is the name of that part ?

Postby CGPoolman » Thu 08 Aug, 2013 07:14


I would say it is an electrical fitting, but then again I'm a pump guy! When I used to work in new construction, the electrician always went in first and installed all the electrical, and left a "whip" hanging for me to wire in the pump. The threaded fitting was always there at the end of the whip, all I did was unscrew it off the conduit, thread it onto the pump motor and feed the wires thru.

My opinion: If this is new construction - the electrician should have the fitting. If this is a repair job, your pool tech should have the part. I always keep a few extra fittings and a few feet of conduit with me for when I do motor replacements. It's pretty common for old electrical stuff to crack when you start moving it around.


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