Sta-rite pump leaking water out the back!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Sta-rite pump leaking water out the back!

Postby tjmoneypit1 » Tue 20 Aug, 2013 16:08

I have a Sta-Rite dyna-glas pool pump with roughly 15 years of service on it. It developed a leak between the rear plate of the pump and the motor housing that has slowly grown worse. Today I went to put a new shaft seal in it and discovered that the bronze-copper cup that the ceramic end of the shaft seal seats into is half gone and thus the ceramic seal will not fit into it snugly. I have looked all over online and can not find a replacement bronze / copper cup anywhere. It appears that the manufacturers want me to buy a new seal plate assembly to the tune of 85 bucks or more. Has anyone of you been faced with this situation, and did you figure a fix that will save the old seal plate and allowed the ceramic seal to seat into the hole? It seems so wasteful to throw that old plate away just because a copper /bronze cup. Thanks.


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Sta-rite pump leaking water out the back!

Postby CGPoolman » Wed 21 Aug, 2013 06:23


If the copper seal is gone, all you have to do is get a different motor seal. I'm not exactly sure the part number - it's a US Seal either a PS200 or a PS201 (pretty sure it's the 201). You don't have to buy a new seal plate, or a copper seal for that matter. The seal should be readily available at your local pool shop.

Just make sure you have all the copper cleaned out of there before you put the new seal in.


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