Issue with my Hayward H Series Millivolt natural gas heater

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Issue with my Hayward H Series Millivolt natural gas heater

Postby DMP55 » Tue 27 Aug, 2013 11:28

First off great forum. A lot of great info for a new pool owner. We recently purchased and moved into a home with a inground pool and I am having an issue with my Hayward H Series Millivolt natural gas heater. I took off the front panel to access the gas valve. It turns out that I am missing the ON/OFF/PILOT knob. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement knob? All the online stores I have found only sell the whole gas valve not just the knob. I don't want to spend $200+ if all I need is the knob. Attached is a pic of the gas valve. The section in color is what is missing. I live in Ontario is anyone knows a local place. I am hoping to have the heater going for a house warming party this weekend so any help would be greatly appreciated. :thumbup:

Thank you for any feedback.
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