Grey stains after adding pH

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
water. Discolored but clear pool water.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Grey stains after adding pH

Postby ojuditho » Mon 02 Sep, 2013 13:43

I'm watching my parents pool for the week. I have very little experience tending to it, but when I checked the chemicals with an Aquachek Select strip, the chemicals were way off. The free chlorine was insanely high (well over 10ppm) and the pH was extremely low (well under 6.2). The alkalinity was low, around 40ppm. I was told to add the pH first, before modifying anything else. I was also told to then down the chlorinator for a couple of days so that can settle. I added 2 scoops of Soda Ash and let it sit over night. In the morning, it was still under 6.2, so I added another 2 cups. I waited 2 hours, checked it again, and the pH was still low, chlorine still high. But now something new. There are these big grey stains where I added the soda ash. I've been scrubbing for an hour, and not even a little has faded. The stains are at the bottom of the pool. I've included pictures. Any advice on how I can fix this?

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Grey stains after adding pH

Postby Addz » Thu 10 Oct, 2013 03:31

From the looks of it you didnt follow the instructions of how to add the chemicals. ALWAYS mix chemicals in a bucket of water. That way its already diluted.

From the looks of it, by adding the soda ash in clumps, it has settled on the floor of the pool and stained due to chemical shock. The ph was initially 6.8, where the soda ass sat would have been 8.6+
Its like putting your tongue on a frozen post. The reactions gonna be bad.

Once you have correctly balanced the pool, you can try a stain remover. I would recommend a citric acid based one. In order to use it corectly tho, the chl needs to be zero. And once it has done its job, you need to add double the amount of granular chlorine to what you added citric acid (2kg chlorine for every 1kg citric added)

Hope this helps

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