White Floaties in Pool

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White Floaties in Pool

Postby krsdmm4 » Mon 02 Sep, 2013 17:00

We have a small Intex pool with the blow up ring. It is 12 feet around. We have not had much of a problem with the water all summer long, shocking as needed. We always use chlorine tablets and algeacide. We have not used to pool and we were gone for the past few days. We got home and the water was green. The pool did get some rain water in it as well. We put 1 lb of shock in the pool and replaced the chlorine tablets. The water is not green anymore but it is still cloudy and not have white floating particles in it. When I use the skimmer to get them out it is almost as if they disintegrate. I was thinking it was the shock because on the skimmer it looks almost like the shock does before it is put in the water. I was just wondering what the white particles were and how to get rid of them. Thanks!

free info

White Floaties in Pool

Postby free info » Wed 04 Sep, 2013 20:19

Buy some extra cartridge filters and change them daily until gone which means run the little pump/filter 24/7 or it goes no where.

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