Ultra low pH and alkalinity in bromine pool; water cloudy

Problems relating to pH and total alkalinity.
Increase ph, increase TA. Reduce pH, reduce TA.
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Ultra low pH and alkalinity in bromine pool; water cloudy

Postby Griffhome » Wed 11 Sep, 2013 23:30

Our 20 year old pool is recently having quite the bout of problems. Some info: we use bromine, (minimal problems until now!), and just 3 months ago replaced the sand filter, heat exchanger and added UV filtration.

About a year ago, we had white mould (the stuff that looks like tissue paper) and got it out with some shocking and algaecide. Our ph and alkaline levels have always been a bit low, there usually hasn't been a problem.

So since installing the UV, ph has super sunk and everyone's hair is green. Like really green (the algaecide from a year ago was a copper based)

I don't have a fancy test kit, just dip strips. I can't even get a pH or alkalinity reading. Bromine reads as low. FC as very low. Water hardness is also very low. Everything is just at the ultra low end, our tap water has higher readings! :shifty:

And now the water has clouded and a thin, white slime can be scraped off the pool liner, near the surface.

Eek! What do I do? Small town, can't even get any pool chems for a few more days. I've added a half box of borax tonight, wondering if I should dump in the couple pounds of baking soda I have as well. I have lots of bromine tabs - can boosting the bromine help?

On another note, thinking of switching soon over to H202 (hydrogen peroxide) as my daughter seems to react to the bromine (stuffy nose). Will post about that in another forum, tho, just wanting to give as much info as I have!

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Ultra low pH and alkalinity in bromine pool; water cloudy

Postby floridapooltech » Thu 09 Jan, 2014 10:53


I would start off first by throwing away the test strips and purchasing a good test kit like the Taylor k2006. You need to adjust your alkalinity which is the buffer for pH. Not correcting alkalinity before pH will always cause pH swings which is your cause of frustration. A good way to find out just how much chemicals are needed to fix your issues by pool size is to use thepoolcalculator.com.

You mentioned switching to peroxide as a sanitizer, known as baquacil. My recommendation would be to stay as far away from those chemicals as possible as they lead to more issues and headache further down the road!

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