Motor burnt out?

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Motor burnt out?

Postby GoldCoast » Mon 07 Oct, 2013 20:02

My sister left the water on and over filled the pool. Can the motor burn out from too much water being in the pool? Since she has filled the water, pump does not prime. Is that because of too much water? Or could the filter need to be cleaned? Pressure is at 22psi. Last time I cleaned it, it started at 17psi

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Motor burnt out?

Postby GaryB0925 » Tue 08 Oct, 2013 07:37

Your motor should prime regardless of the amount of water in your pool or the pressure in your filter. Your motor may be going. Losing prime and the motor getting loader are the first signs of the motor going out.

Your pool filter pressure is too high though. Ideally, it should be around 10-12 psi. If after cleaning, it is 17 psi like you said, it may be time to get a new filter or try a thorough cleaning using a cleaning solution.
TSH Tech

Motor burnt out?

Postby TSH Tech » Wed 09 Oct, 2013 00:55

Well, let's back up for a moment. Something has peaked my curiosity.

Why was the pool being filled in the first place?
- Was this to top the pool off?
- Was this because the water level fell below the skimmer line?

Because if the water level fell below the skimmer line and the pump ran dry for a length of time, this may possibly reveal some problems why your pump won't prime.
- The pump ran dry and became very hot
- burned out the seals
- possibly warped the pump lid
- possibly warped the threaded pipe that goes to the pump
= all of that equals air leaks and a definite tell-tale sign as to why a pump will not prime even if your pour water into the pump pot basket.

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